How It Works

Set Up Your Account

Before we can move the Skylocker to location please set up an account. Customer information gathering is necessary to assure the best customer experience.

Download the Skylocker App

We have revolutionized the rental process by placing the Skylocker App in the palm of your hand. Download the app to cut the hassle of traditional renting. With the app you now have around the clock access to rental professionals.

Find a Skylocker location or host your own

Skylocker is a unique product benefiting contractors and facility owners. With a Skylocker onsite you can access the app to view available rentals near you.

Ready when you need it

Solar power enables 24/7 access to a scissor lift on your job site! With no need for traditional electric hook-ups, the locker will reduce your costs and maintain it’s charge even when the power is down. The fully charged scissor lift is truly ready when you need it unlike any other product in the rental market. Our promise to you is a quick and easy rental process with solar power at its heart and an app that cuts out the hassle of traditional rental companies.