Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive a locker?

As part of the host agreement, Skylocker is placed on location at no cost to the host. The locker will be delivered on truck and trailer and placed with a forklift.

How will I be charged?

Skylocker has a detailed rate system within the app. When you select your estimated rental & return times you will be provided with our market rate.

How does Skylocker know how long the equipment has been in use?

Skylocker’s app and operating system allow clients to select their use time upon sale. The system us able to detect when the lift has exited the locker and when it is returned to maintain seamless rental transactions.

Who is responsible for charging Skylocker?

Skylocker itself is powered by the sun. After each use of the machine inside, there is an easy reconnection to the charging system. Once connected, the system maintains the machine’s battery charge to ensure optimal run times and overall performance with each use.

How do I know Skylocker is secure?

Each rental through the Skylocker app is provided its own unique pin. When the lift is returned, the pin will be discontinued. Each locker also features a door locking mechanism with a 2,000lb holding force adding to the overall unit security.

How long is the battery life of the scissor lift?

Under regular working conditions the locker’s scissor lift will operate for around 8 hours.

What brand of scissor lift will I receive?

The Skylocker contains a 19ft electric scissor lift. The custom branded lift is a Snorkel S3219E. This lift packs big features with its compact size and deep cycle batteries to maximize working hours.

Can we have a different machine in Skylocker?

In its current phase, the locker is offered with a scissor lift, but we can work with clients to determine other possible needs. Skylocker has a flexible configuration, making it a great choice for customization of battery-powered industrial and construction equipment.

What if the lift doesn't work?

If the lift is not working call our maintenance hotline, open 24/7.

(479) 361-1262

Is there a maximum amount of time I can have Skylocker onsite?

Skylocker can remain on location for as long as a rental agreement is in place or until is determined you no longer need a locker onsite.

Who is liable in case of damage or injury?

We will need information from the client upon rental agreement.

Who invented Skylocker?

Hugg & Hall Equipment Co. invented Skylocker with facility owners and contractors in mind. When a unit is on site, a fully charged scissor lift is available when needed.

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