• Standard 8ft wide by 10ft long standard height ISO Container. Dimensions allow easy transportation without permits.
  • Easy access via removable aluminum ramp.
  • Interior LED Lighting.
  • Forced air ventilation during charging cycles.
  • Side fork pockets for easy moving.
  • Spring assisted roll-up door.
  • Smooth, hardwood flooring.

Solar Charging System

  • 1,000 watts of solar charging potential.
  • 50-amp solar charge controller.
  • Resetable breakers versus single-use fuses.

skylocker2015-10sendPowering System

  • (2) Low Maintenance 500AH batteries with Advanced Tubular Cell design for extreme run times. Batteries have single-point watering system with acid level indicator for easy service.
  • 3,000W 24VDC to 120VAC inverter with 6000W surge capability and low amp draw.
  • Resetable breakers versus single-use fuses.
  • Low voltage design for safer operation.

Access Control

  • 2,000Lb holding-force door locking mechanism for increased security.
  • skylocker2015-07sendAccess control controller with LAN capabilities.
  • Dual access controls via 5 digit pin code or company issued proximity card.
  • Door status notifications for increased reporting.
  • Shore power connection for back-up power to open door in low-battery situation.
  • Emergency exit button inside the enclosure for unlocking the unit from the inside.
  • Wireless/Cellular programming for uploading/downloading data and transactions.

DC Powered Electric Aerial Equipment

  • 120VAC charging cord for use of standard, onboard charger.
  • No special equipment or ordering needed.
  • Wheel stops to prevent damage to electrical components.
  • Enclosure can accommodate equipment up to 96”L x 40”W x 85”H.
  • Typical Equipment charge time of 6-8 hours.