How It Works


Skylocker is contracted at your local Hugg & Hall and transported to your work site.

Once a placement agreement has been reached, a Skylocker will be transported directly to your location. It’s an 8’x10’ standard height ISO container, which is about the size of one parking spot. It’s easy to transport and offers a removable access ramp. For details on the box itself, see the full specs.


The Skylocker is available for on-demand use.

With each use, simply call the phone bank to request an access code. A one-time code will be provided, and you can retrieve the fully charged equipment.


When not in use, the Skylocker can be monitored & locked remotely.

When finished, return the equipment to Skylocker. Plug in the charger and call the phone bank to receive the access code to lock the container. You will only be charged for the period of time the equipment spent outside the confines of Skylocker.